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Learn all songs

You will have access to many video lessons for all the famous gypsy jazz standards and many more songs. The lessons include sections for the chords, the rhythm guitar, the melody and at least one example solo.

Rhythm Lessons

Learn, how to play a proper rhythm guitar. In addition to the chord and rhythm lessons included in the song lesson, there are separate rhythm lessons on how to play a proper rhythm guitar and how to swing.


One key to be a good gypsy jazz player is, to have a good technique. There will be many lessons on the right hand technique and some workouts to improve your technique.

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Why should you register?

Learning Gypsyjazz can be very frustrating. If you start your research on that topic you will find more content on YouTube and other platforms than you can ever consume. The amount of information can be very overwhelming. And the question arises of what is really important to practice and to know, what to focus on and what can you ignore? Especially if you are limited in time because of your job or your family, it is important to focus and practice efficient, of course with out loosing the focus on fun! In this school you have everything you need in one platform. From lesson videos, chord shapes, transcriptions and backing tracks. And every plan is free for the first 14 days! And you can cancel your membership every month!

Gypsy guitar or manouche

How does it work?

After the registration, you have access to all courses. The categories are

  • Song Lessons
  • Techniques Lessons
  • Techniques Workouts
  • Backing Tracks